Manchumas Prousoontorn, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Manchumas Prousoontorn, Associate Professor, Ph.D.

B.Sc., Chulalongkorn University 
M.Sc., Imperial College, University of London 
Ph.D., Imperial College, University of London

Office: Room 722, Science 10 Building 
Phone: 662-218-5437
Fax:      662-218-5418 

  • Enzymatic synthesis of various glycoside derivatives using cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase
  • Enzyme immobilization for the development of test kits and biosensors
  • Phenol removal using immobilized horseradish peroxidase and photocatalytic degradation

Recent Publications


  • Jongmevasna W.; Chailapakul O.; Prousoontorn, H. M.. Peroxidase Inhibition Assay for the Detection of Some Thiols by Carbon screen Printed Electrodes Based on Square Wave Voltammetry. Journal of Metals, Material and Minerals 2015,  25 (1), 7-18.
  • Jongmevasna, W.; Yaiyen, S.; Prousoontorn, M.H.. Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz of cv. KU50) peroxidase and its potential for the detection of some thiol compounds based on the inhibitory effect of 3,3′,5,5′-tetramethylbenzidine oxidation. Process Biochemistry 2013, 48(10), 1516–1523.
  • Saehu, S., Srisimarat, W., Prousoontorn, M.H.Pongsawasdi, P. Transglucosylation reaction of amylomaltase for the synthesis of anticariogenic oligosaccharides. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 2013, 88, 77- 83.
  • Chotipanang, K., Bhunthumnavin, W., Prousoontorn, M.H.. Synthesis of alkyl glycosides from cyclodextrin using cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase from Paenibacillus sp. RB01 (2011) Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 70 (3-4), pp. 359-368.
  • Murakami, S., Nagasaki, K., Nishimoto, H., Shigematu, R., Umesaki, J., Takenaka, S., Kaulpiboon, J., Prousoontorn, M., Limpaseni, T., Pongsawasdi, P., Aoki, K. Purification and characterization of five alkaline, thermotolerant, and maltotetraose-producing α-amylases from Bacillus halodurans MS-2-5, and production of recombinant enzymes in Escherichia coli (2008) Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 43 (4-5), pp. 321-328.
  • Thanadolsathien, P., Bhunthumnavin, W. and Prousoontorn, M.H. Synthesis of a novel vitamin E derivative by alpha-glucosidase and cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (2008) Proceedings of the 14th International Cyclodextrin Symposium, 8-11 May 2008, Kyoto, Japan.
  • Murakami, S., Nishimoto, H., Toyama, Y., Shimamoto, E., Takenaka, S., Kaulpiboon, J., Prousoontorn, M., Limpaseni, T., Pongsawasdi, P., Aoki, K. Purification and characterization of two alkaline, thermotolerant α-amylases from Bacillus halodurans 38C-2-1 and expression of the cloned gene in Escherichia coli (2007) Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry, 71 (10), pp. 2393-2401.
  • Prousoontorn, M.H., Pantatan, S. Production of 2-O-α-glucopyranosyl L-ascorbic acid from ascorbic acid and β-cyclodextrin using immobilized cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase (2007) Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry, 57 (1-4), pp. 39-46.
  • Prousoontorn M and Pantatan S. Production of 2-O-a-flucopyranosyl-L-Ascorbic Acid from Ascorbic Acid and a-Cyclodextrin using Immobilized Cyclodextrin Glycosyltransferase, XIII International Cyclodextrin Symposium, 14-17 May 2006, Torino Incontra Congress Centre, Torino, Italy, p.1-P19.